Corporate Social Responsibility

Ever since its foundation, MFLaw has made social and environmental sustainability a cornerstone of its corporate value proposition. It is committed to the protection of the planet and its resources as well as to combating economic and gender inequality in order to build a fairer, more inclusive and more prosperous future. In a word, more sustainable.

Themes that have become increasingly central to the agendas of organizations and institutions merged in the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development ratified in 2015 by 193 member countries. It is a great plan of action that provides for the achievement of 17 goals that “affect all countries and all individuals: no one is excluded, nor should be left behind along the path necessary to bring the world on the road to sustainability.”

With the aim of actively contributing to the achievement of these goals, MFLaw—under the guidance of Founders Massimo Mannocchi and Andrea Fioretti— decided to bring together the various actions undertaken over the years in a CSR strategy, driven by the partner Livia Mannocchi together with the 2030 Agenda and shared by all its professionals.


1. Sustainable choices

The firm is committed to adopting every day behaviours aimed at protecting our planet, safeguarding every living being and contributing to the preservation of environmental resources and global well-being. In each of the four offices of the Firm, the use of disposable plastics has been abolished and—thanks to the adoption of the SafeQ print monitoring and management system—the use and consumption of paper has been discouraged. The firm is now totally plastic free and manages every process or workmanship digitally, with the aim of being as paper free as possible.

This commitment, shared by the entire MFLaw family, also translates into the choice of partners and suppliers who share the company’s values and help in the pursuit of sustainability goals.


2. Digitization and Smartworking

Digitization and innovation are two of the main drivers on which MFLaw’s entire governance is oriented and which are also key to achieving the firm’s sustainability goals.  Between 2019 and 2020, MFLaw fully digitized its 20-year administrative and legal archives, converting over 33,000 legal files to PDF/A and environmentally disposing of over seven tonnes of paper. The Cloud computing with high security measures and the use of elaborate project management software now make it possible to optimize processes and resources, reducing their impact on the environment.

At the same time, the Firm has also introduced Smartworking regulations in each of its four Italian offices with the aim of promoting and protecting the well-being of each professional or collaborator, who can thus better manage their work life balance.


3. No Gender Gap

The issues of diversity and inclusion have always been core values of MFLaw, which is committed daily to breaking down any kind of inequality and promoting gender equality inside and outside the workplace.

MFLaw today has almost 80 resources, with a female component of almost 90%, distributed between the offices of Milan, Rome, Palermo and Ragusa: a cohesive and heterogeneous team formed by professionals of different ages, from different regions and with different backgrounds, but able to cooperate and team up to achieve common goals.  Each individual is for us, even before being a “resource”, a “person” made unique by his specific characteristics and skills, precisely those that the firm aims to enhance by ensuring everyone the same opportunities for training and professional and economic growth.


4. Space for green

MFLaw—well aware of the fact that, in order to achieve sustainable development, it is essential to guarantee a healthy life and to promote the wellbeing of everyone—has always given ample space to nature in all of its offices by placing potted plants both in the work areas and in the dining areas.

In this spirit, the historic Rome office has turned its external garden into a relaxation area and, in renovating its spaces, has chosen to use Airlite® / AM Technology Ltd coatings, which, thanks to a revolutionary 100% natural technology, reduce airborne particulate pollutants such as NOx, SOx, NH3 and CO and lower the surface temperature, with a positive impact on the city that has always been our home.


5. Caring humans: Nove Onlus

Being sustainable means first of all projecting oneself towards the “other”. That is, being able to consider the world around us and its inhabitants. MFLaw is aware of how much “a better future” risks being a utopia if we do not build a more equitable and supportive society. This is why the Firm supports and collaborates with Nove Onlus since 2015—the year of foundation of the association—with the aim of contributing to the spread of the values of equality and inclusiveness.

Nove Onlus deals with sustainable and generative socio-economic development, realizing projects of vocational training, job start-up, support to micro-entrepreneurship and basic education. Over the years, the Association has helped more than 10,000 people—mainly women, children and disabled people—distributed among Italy, Greece, Egypt and Afghanistan, while also confronting situations of deep humanitarian emergency.


6. The protection of biodiversity and support for micro-enterprise: 3Bee

To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of its foundation, MFLaw has chosen to commit itself to the protection of biodiversity and, to pursue this goal, in April 2021 the firm signed a strategic partnership with 3Bee: the agritech start-up was created to counter the risk of extinction of bees—which, with their pollination work, are responsible for about 80% of the food that arrives on our tables every day—contributing to the growth of micro-enterprises in Italian territory.

The firm was the first to support a farm based in southern Italy by equipping its hives with the innovative Hive-Tech tracking system developed by 3Bee. Given MFLaw’s strong link with Sicily, the choice fell on Sicul Miele di Noto: the company practices nomadism to produce orange, millefiori, thyme, lemon, eucalyptus, carob and honeydew honey, committing to implement good beekeeping practices in organic sites.

Thanks to the partnership started, MFLaw today supports a micro-enterprise of excellence and is responsible for the protection of more than 60,000 bees.


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