Practice areas

The firm is organized into multidisciplinary departments, coordinated by a partner, dedicated to legal assistance and consultancy in the areas of:

  • Credit recovery has been the firm’s core business since its foundation in 2001, an activity entrusted to dedicated departments in each of our three operational headquarters. Due to our well established experience, we are able to ensure maximum efficiency to the client both in terms of management and recovery, including through the daily use of internal software of the latest generation, as well as customers software of management (EPC, LAWEB, Fenice, etc.).

    The foreclosure department is organized in mixed teams of lawyers and paralegals in order to ensure the best productivity both in terms of recovery and workflow, especially with regard to the administrative aspects related to the management (delegated auctions, auxiliary reports of the GE, distribution projects, divisions and collections).

    Our approach involves planning and codification of the recovery approach in form of a risk and strategy assessment sheet usually issued to the client within 48 hours of the assignment and accompanied by documental remediation and criticality analysis. Management is then monitored and assessed on the basis of the following qualitative and quantitative KPIS: timeliness, organization, strategic approach and effective recovery.

  • Our twenty years of expertise in bankruptcy procedures allows us to best protect the needs of the client in both judicial and extrajudicial procedures (restructuring agreements, certified recovery plans ex art. 67 letter d L.F.). Assistance and advice are provided at 360° starting from the negotiation of the agreement until the more strictly judicial.

    The department avails itself of the professional skills of a team of financial statement analysts and internal accounting consultants to support the purely legal aspects.

  • Among the founding values of our company, the spirit of proactivity in the daily exercise of the profession and the ability to adapt our procedures—internal and external—to the needs of the market stand out. This is why we have dedicated an entire department to the management of NPL and UTP portfolios with advisory and asset management functions, able to ensure the boarding of the portfolios. The seniority of our professionals, supported by a team dedicated to the analysis of financial statements and consistency of plans (flows and covenants), ensures efficiency in the field of UTP, both in terms of restructuring and recovery and in terms of liquidation.

  • The firm was one of the first involved in the bank mergers of the 1990s and can therefore boast twenty years’ experience in the due diligence of credit portfolios, mainly secured and corporate.

    By documentary remediation and verification of information in data rooms and public databases, we provide clients with customized ad hoc reports aimed at identifying:

    • legal criticality of securities and guarantees;
    • action strategy;
    • positions with the lowest recovery margin (in order to divert the investor’s resources to positions with a higher value in terms of recovery);
    • Budget and Business Plan;
    • Business operations and data analysis.
  • We are highly specialized in assisting leading Bank and financial institutions, investment funds, both domestic and international, in litigation relating to general banking and debt capital market transactions (current accounts, credit facilities, unsecured loans, mortgage loans, leasing, factoring, financial instruments, derivatives, debt securities, compensation and repayment actions, consumer finance, bancassurance, etc.).

    Our contribution, both judicial and extrajudicial, is also provided in the context of preventive judgments brought by insolvent bank customers. The accurate assessment of the risk of the case and the simultaneous analysis of the disputed relationships and of the property assets, often lead to the identification of out-of-court solutions for the litigation and the related creditors, guaranteeing in any case the judicial protection.

    The department avails itself of the professional skills of a team of financial statement analysts and internal accounting consultants, in support of specialist banking litigation.

  • Thanks to the experience gained in the management of mortgage collaterals, the firm ensures the control of the litigation phases of real estate and leases, including the recovery of credit, disputes on preliminary contracts, options and final purchase and sale, those of a compensatory and condominium nature, repossession and every other area related to the management of the property.

  • Thanks to the solid experience in assisting and advising companies and entrepreneurs in corporate matters, the firm can guarantee a complete support to the client in the management of all legal profiles related to ordinary and extraordinary business management.

  • The firm gained a solid experience in public procurement practice.

    We assist both Italian and international operators in public and private procurement procedures with a dedicated team of experts providing assistance in all stages and phases (opening phases of envelopes A, B and/or C, management of objections that may be raised by the tender boards and/or evaluation committees, as well as those that companies may raise against other competitors). More in the detail we assist the client in: submission of bids and preparation of all bid documents, award and post-award phases, always in compliance with the lex specialis.

  • We offer qualified and strategic assistance to companies and corporations in the management of employment relations, human resources and remuneration policies.

    Thanks to a calibrated approach in relation to the client’s needs, we deal with the drafting of employment contracts for all categories and the disciplinary code, the management of the employment relationship in all its phases (transfers, changes in duties and other conditions of the employment contract, individual and collective dismissals, procedures for the management of confidentiality) and the organizational development of the relationship management. In addition, thanks to specific studies dedicated to the subject, we have developed our own system for managing remuneration policies, growth paths and bonus schemes tailor-made for each individual need. We are also specialized in consultancy on the subject of management of the employment relationship, both of freelancers and employees, as well as on the policies of Personnel Administration, Payroll, labour costs and budgeting

Our sectors and subjects

  • Distressed investments
  • Restructuring & Turnaround
  • Legal due diligence
  • Master legal
  • Special Servicer (106 TULB and 115 TULPS)
  • Usury and compound interest in banking
  • Derivatives and financial markets
  • NPE and UTP
  • Out-of-court claims
  • Banking & Insurance
  • Investment funds
  • Banking and Finance
  • Real estate and financial leasing
  • Factoring
  • Real Estate
  • Restructuring plans
  • Credit Rating
  • Accounting Consultancy
  • Employment Law
  • Tax Law
  • Construction Law
  • Administrative Law
  • Competitive Bidding & Procurement Contracts
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